WITS Workout

Catholic Charities has three upcoming sessions of WITS Workout! They will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Session 1: May 3 to June 7

Session 2: June 28 to August 2

Session 3: August 23 to September 27

WITS Workout: Did you know that social connectedness and intellectual engagement are two lifestyle factors that contribute to your brain’s health? Simply put, coming together and learning new things are good for your noggin! Join the Wits Workout group where you’ll engage in all kinds of interactive puzzles and games and learn what you can do in your daily life to keep your brain healthy.

There is no cost for the program, but registration is required. Please call Kelli at 815-933-7791 ext: 9910 to reserve your spot

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